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A collection filled with items that fit perfectly with the upcoming season!
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Fruit Slicer

Be Safe While cutting fruits! How? Well, our fruit slicer is helping you with that! Simply place a tomato, lemon, potato and anything related to the size and shape of... Learn More


Whiskey Stones | 6P / Set

Us + Whiskey = <3  Therefore, we're providing you with our favorite whiskey stones of all time. Replace ice cubes and use whiskey stones instead, a taste-less option apart from... Learn More


Wine Lock

Wine Lock

Keep your wine safe & fresh A small & elegant wine lock - to keep it fresh, and prevent anyone from stealing or touching your wine bottle. Perfect for parties,... Learn More



Soda Dispenser

Ever dreamt of having your own soda dispenser? Well, now your dream can come true! With a durable plastic construction and easy-to-use design, we are certain it will be used... Learn More


Portable Air Cooler

Everyone deserves fresh air... everywhere. With our own portable air cooler, you can bring it to any room, to a party or maybe even to the beach? Air cooling up... Learn More
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Multifunctional Spice Container

Why choose two when you can pick one? Smooth grinding, transparent window, simplicity at its finest. Our Spice Container is all you need for your barbeque! Instead of having two... Learn More


Melon Slicer

Who doesn't love watermelon? At least we do! That's why we're proud to represent one of your favorites, the Melon Slicer! It's as easy as it sounds, and looks.    ... Learn More


Defrost Mat

Forgot to take out the meat out of the freezer? No worries, we've got your back! With our own, magnificent, defrosting mat! Yes, you heard it right. Defrost your food... Learn More


Can Opener

A can opener, just a bit smarter. Isn't it a pain to always pour the rest of the food that you don't eat into a box? With a regular Can... Learn More
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